The VOICE Program

Veterans Openly Imparting Centuries of Experience

So many veterans’ stories have been lost throughout the years, and we don’t want yours to be one of them. Using Dragon Software, a dictation/transcription program, you’re able to simply tell your story aloud and the program types your story for you. What you do with it from there is completely up to you and it’s completely confidential. Let’s share your life stories.


Veterans: Call the Warrior Resource Center at 970-765-2210 to make an appointment. You can be completely computer illiterate and still easily do this.  It is simply dictation. You can add images to your story, have a copy to share with family & friends, keep it completely private, or choose to share it with the world. The choice is completely yours.

Come Share Your Story!

If you have a story you would like to share with the Warrior Resource Center check out our story submission form and see recent stories submitted here