Our Values



  • We believe it is the responsibility of communities to assist the military service members and each of their family members as they transition to civilian life.
  • We believe successful transition will lessen unhappiness, isolation, depression and suicide.
  • We believe the community will step up to “support the troops” in an active and personal way if given the opportunity and avenues to do so.
  • We believe in the healing power of a grassroots, community supported, volunteer staffed gathering place where Veterans can interact with each other and with community members.
  • We believe in the Warrior Resource Center being donation funded within our own community, giving them pride and ownership in the accomplishments of WHAFV.
  • We stand to serve all Veterans, all eras, all experiences, all branches, and all abilities without exception.
  • We are not an emergency service provider; we assist in connecting veterans and their families with options, have office space available to providers for veteran specific services (counseling, benefits, etc), and close over holidays to allow our volunteers time with family and friends.
  • We do not take a stand on or affiliate with any political party, religious belief system or anything else which divides people.  In this way, we can welcome and serve all without labels, restrictions or judgment.
  • We respect each Veteran’s choice of lifestyle and we are open to helping each in the way they need. We don’t presume to know what is best for them and we never implement our own agenda.
  • We don’t give advice; we give choices, information, and opportunities.
  • We respect the privacy of Veteran Only gatherings and strongly enforce the protection of their space and their conversations. The same is true of our Spouse Only gatherings. We’ve learned that if you get them together, get out of their way and leave them alone, magic. They just need a safe place to be.
  • We believe in listening and learning from every individual and every circumstance.
  • We don’t create services if they already exist in some form in the community.  When necessary, we stand with them, assist them and strengthen them on behalf of Veterans.
  • Because we never want to stand in judgment, we never give money directly to anyone. We connect veterans with immediate emergency needs with nonprofits and agencies whose mission includes this. We support, instead of compete with, other veteran organizations that seek grants to fulfill their direct support missions.
  • We never charge Veterans or their families for services received at the WRC.  There are no dues, agendas, participation, or performance requirements.
  • We require documentation and proof of Veteran status before assistance of any kind is given at the WRC. There are other organizations serving homelessness, hunger, mental illness, health care, and poverty in the general population.

“Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country’s cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause.”
―Abraham Lincoln