Mission: No Barriers Adventure Week

Part of our vision is to become a no barriers community on behalf of all veterans who visit, vacation, or live here.  In order to accomplish this, we need to identify the barriers that veterans may face. We created Mission: No Barriers, inviting disabled veterans from around the country to our area for the first time, to get a fresh perspective that only varying disabilities and honest feedback can provide.

Mission: No Barriers

assessing the accessibility of our community

The resiliency our local veterans show by adapting to the challenges they encounter often disguise the barriers from our notice. The incredible community volunteers and supports make this program possible. Our local veterans join these visitors during their adventures, helping provide support while they’re away from home, and enjoying everything that our amazing area has to offer.

Recreation activities include:


  • rafting
  • fly fishing
  • kayaking
  • photography
  • golf
  • hiking
  • metal detecting/treasure hunting
  • horseback riding
  • jeeping
  • archery
  • Plein air painting
  • music
  • martial arts


We learn a lot about how we can improve the accessibility of our community and our recreation from these guests, while they experience the natural beauty, clean air, adventure opportunities, and opens arms support our community has to offer.