Let Freedom Ring Project

Small Acts of Gratitude Heal the Spirit

The Let Freedom Ring Project gives the community a new way to honor those that have served. Volunteers at the Warrior Resource Center create 100 of these chimes by hand each Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.  Individuals are encouraged to present it directly or hang it at the home or business of a someone who has served in the military.


The chimes consist of military dog tags, the American flag, stars, a liberty bell, and shell casings representing the 3 volleys of 7 during a military service. 


Organizations, businesses, local churches and community members take turns underwriting the costs of this project. If you are interested is underwriting this project please contact us directly. Volunteer crafters have designed and continue to create these symbolic tributes. Here’s an article published about our work in the Let Freedom Ring Project.

We remember and appreciate that the freedoms we treasure are protected by our troops.