Thank you for considering a donation to Welcome Home Alliance for Veterans

Welcome Home Alliance for Veterans works from the standpoint that the military’s job is to create warriors but when these men and women come home, it is the community’s responsibility to create a place where these service members can successfully return to civilian life.

Transforming our community into a true “no-barriers” city has been a focus of this grassroots effort from its beginning in November of 2011.  Through the Warrior Resource Center (WRC), we develop and initiate programs that assist veterans and their families as they return to community life in search of jobs, homes, services, support, understanding and recreation.  We work to prevent the isolation and suicide of America’s service members through proactive, adaptive programs that build physical and behavioral strength, creating close bonds and community ties.  Located on the corner of Main Street and Park Avenue in Montrose, the WRC is a centralized resource for the programs designed to assist veterans from all branches of the United States military as they find their new “normal” and thrive in the life they choose.  Welcome Home Alliance for Veterans is a private, non-profit entity primarily staffed by volunteers and supported through community donations.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated!